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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Product of the Month: Calculator Business Card Holder

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Welcome to 2013!  We hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season and are raring to have another terrific year.  Last year was fabulous for us and we're looking forward to having even a better 2013.  So let's start things off with something totally practical and will help to get your business off to a great start.  This handy dandy business card holder is not only a carrier for your contact info. but it also has a built in calculator to help you seal the deal or at least figure out tip for lunches or dinners. ;)

Calculator Business Card Holder

Product Features

Includes solar calculator with business card holder/dispenser. Silver metal twist ballpoint pen with blue ink.


Item Size
2-11/16" H x 3-7/8" W x 7/16" L

Decorating Information

1/2"H x 2"W

Item Size
2-11/16" H x 3-7/8" W x 7/16" L

  • Setup Fee: $50.00 per color
  • Min. order: 150 pieces
  • Turnaround time: 10-15 business days
  •   $2.57 each

    *shipping cost not included

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