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Monday, June 21, 2010

Design Elements to make Your logo POP or PUFF....

You've seen them all over the place, your favorite athletes and rappers wear them, big name surf companies like Billabong and Quiksilver sell them...what exactly am I talking about?  Caps with 3D embroidery on them of course.  You know, the ones that have the thick NY on a Yankees cap or a raised wave on the Quiksilver logo.  This type of embroidery is popularly known as 3D Puff or RAISED.  It's a great way to make your logo stand out and differentiate itself from all the other logos out there.  Don't let the BIG NAME companies and movies get all the attention, you can now have your very own logo in 3D.

Another terrific way to stand out in the crowd is to use a design that has gradients and shading.  Of course this is more difficult to do and is not always the best alternative in every situation but is an alternative nonetheless.  This process is known as Blending and can really add an awesome dimension to your design if done properly.  Both 3D Puff and Blending techniques can truly enhance and make your logo truly something to talk about.