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Monday, April 19, 2010

Make note: Cross Promote!

We are exposed to so much advertising these days, that after awhile, we may tune them out altogether.  There's TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Facebook ads, affiliate links, banners on websites, telemarketers, etc.  Twitter recently announced that they are showing advertisements that are relevant when you search for a term.  Of course, I don't think you can fault these companies, as they are a business and need to generate revenue.  As we are inundated with advertising from all angles, there is one form of advertising that we still have a good deal of faith in...word of mouth.

Word of mouth is effective because generally the source of the information is from someone we know and/or trust.  Whether it be an individual or company, if we have had great experiences with them, chances are we'll have a great experience with the people or companies that they recommend.  That's what we try to do here at Threads, we cross promote other people, clients and businesses that we have had wonderful experiences with.  Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a fellow small business grow and succeed and we do our best to help them along the way!  So if you've received service or worked with an individual or company you think is top notch, don't keep it a secret, tell everyone you know...chances are they'll return the favor and everyone WINS!