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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reducing Stitch Counts = Reduced Cost

Limited budget...I think most of us are familiar with this terminology.  Whether you are a parent, team leader, coach, small business owner or a CEO of a huge corporation, we all can appreciate getting the most bang for our dollars these days. The silver lining is a limited budget is not no budget at all so there's still room for creativity.  I bring this up in an blog about reducing stitch counts because by reducing stitch counts, you can reduce the cost of your embroidered apparel.  The higher the stitch counts, the longer it takes to to produce which in turn increases cost.

So what does this all mean?  Often times clients and businesses have elaborate logos with lots of detail, and outlines, etc. which is great when printing on letter heads or business cards but makes their logo costly to embroider.  Some clients opt not to order uniforms or gifts for their staff or teams because it is more than their budget.  But there is a win-win solution for everyone, modify your logo to reduce stitch count therefore reducing your costs.  See the example below:

 The original logo has a lot of extra details: swishes, flags and the text is double outlined.

Now look at the modified embroidery, we removed some of the unnecessary details and outlines and drastically reduced the stitch count while maintaining the "WOW" factor of the logo.  Most importantly, we stayed within the client's budget and the kids got to have their caps after all.  So when facing a limited budget, don't give up...adapt and move forward.  Contact us and we'll be happy to help!