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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

S#%&t Happens!

S-H-E-E-T Happens that is...as in toilet paper sheets!  We are introducing our latest additions to our "SHEET HAPPENS" product line.  These make the greatest gag gifts ever and there's something for everyone!  A sheet of toilet paper is directly embroidered with a saying that will put a smile on your closest friends and family every time they see it.  We've embroidered TP before but these are our top shelf sayings.  *This is all in good humor so please don't be offended by the content...if you find yourself offended, please wipe the images from your mind and forget all the crap that you've just read. ; )

Available now at our shop...only $10 per roll.

For the gambler in your life...Vegas is the 9th island isn't it?

For the hardcore gamer

GO GREEN...sort of.

you gotta do what you gotta do...do.

Don't you feel better now?